Metabolic Syndrome Prevention

NWHS focuses on internal balance and health which will reflect on the outside adding years to your life. Metabolic health includes blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin resistance and obesity. Request a referral from your Primary Care Provider to see us virtually for your metabolic screening!

Deanna will see all patients at risk for Metabolic Syndrome, but takes special focus on Law Enforcement and First Responder wellness. 

Deanna offers individualized care planning to include:​

  • Evaluation and treatment of extra risk factors that come with this line of work

  • Stress Management 

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Overall Health & Wellness

  • Holistic and medical approach to wellness.

Virtual Medically Supervised Weight Loss 

NWHS understands one of the fastest ways to tackle metabolic syndrome is weight loss!  NWHS has embraced the new virtual practice of medicine and made our weight loss program easier and more convenient for our patients. We have taken our traditional in-clinic weight loss program and transformed it into a virtual weight loss program. This change comes with a few exciting benefits:

  • MyHealthy Journey smart phone app​​

    • Messaging option to message our staff directly though the app

    • Scheduling option to schedule an appointment with Deanna

    • Integration with your fitness tracker (apple watch, Fitbit, etc.)

    • Meal and water tracker​

    • Allows NWHS team to see your information in real time

  • Body composition scale

    • Yours to keep​

    • Measures:

      • Weight​

      • BMI

      • % Body fat

      • % Hydration

      • % Lean mass

      • Visceral fat

    • Automatically enters your body composition into the MyHealthy Journey app

  • Automated Blood Pressure Monitor

    • Yours to keep​

    • Automatically enters your results into the MyHealthy Journey app

Medically Prescribed Meal Replacements 

Perfect for that grab and go lifestyle with the support of balanced nutrition necessary for safe weight loss results. Register as a patient, meet with Deanna to discuss wellness and nutrition needs, then a link will be sent to your email. Order from the link, Deanna will approve the order, we'll take your payment  and your meal replacements will arrive to your home within 10-14 days of ordering. (it was 7-10 before shipping challenges)

"All of these exciting changes are shown to improve patient accountability which shows results in positive patient outcomes!" Deanna Mehlhoff, ARNP, FNP-BC